blocz IO and Datum Data Centres launch Joint Data Backup and Restore Platform in Farnborough

blocz IO Limited, the independent UK leader in cloud-based data backup and restore services, today announced the launch of a joint data backup and restore solution with Hampshire-based Datum Data Centres.

“Launching a new blocz IO data backup and restore platform within the prestigious Datum datacentre in Farnborough is fantastic news for existing Datum clients and prospective clients alike” said Randall Smedley, Chief Commercial Officer for blocz IO Limited.  “With Ransomware hitting the headlines on an almost weekly basis in 2017, UK companies are now looking for a safe place to back their data up, beyond the reach of the Cybercriminals. Not only that, they want to know if they need to use the service in anger, that the restoration will be fast and problem free. This new platform delivers on all of those needs”.

Housed within the main Data Hall at Farnborough and connected directly to the core infrastructure of the datacentre, the platform offers the following benefits:

  • Superfast backup and restore times at LAN speeds
  • Full 256-bit encryption in-flight and at rest
  • Replication of data to secondary UK based datacentre
  • Additional support for WAN and cloud-based data
  • Full GDPR compliance for UK data sovereignty
  • Granular restore and retention capability
  • Extensive reporting through Management Portal

Building on Datum’s industry leading service-enhanced secure colocation, this combined offering is one of the FIRST joint backup and restore platforms to be brought to a UK based datacentre.

Further details and information on the new platform, including details of a free of charge trial, can be found at:

blocz IO Limited – ‘taking your data seriously’, is also driving awareness of the critical need for secure data backup and restore solutions in the UK through its 2018 social media program: #2018YearOfBackup

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