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Our public cloud platform built on vmware technologies

Moving to a public cloud can be challenging at any time.  blocz Cloud is a secure and resilient platform built on time and tested vmware technologies making it the right platform for your enterprise and applications concerns.  Our dynamic and scalable Virtual Data Centre plans will help you accelerate your transformation allowing you to reach results faster.

You can take a self-service approach or one of our fully managed services, either way, our certified and skilled engineers are here to assist you on your cloud journey including architecture designs, deployment, migrations, on-going operation support, costs management and optimisation.  All of our services, no matter how large or small are backed by a full suite of professional services.  

Elastic Secure Virtual Data Centres.

A policy-driven approach to compute, storage, networking and security ensures you have securely isolated virtual resources, independent role-based authentication, and fine-grained control of you public cloud services.

Multi-Site Management

Stretch virtual data centres across sites and geographies; monitor resources from the blocz single-pane of glass portal with multi-site aggregate views.

In-built Marketplace

Now deliver your own applications or certified 3rd party Cloud Applications, and custom catalogue applications directly to customers through our simple Marketplace interface. This capability allows application and service developers to deliver ‘Application Platform as a Service’ to customers who needn’t know anything about the supporting end point infrastructure or applications, whether VMs or containers.

Workload Protection and Cloud Migration

Enable simple, secure VM protection and migration with blocz Public Cloud. Offering self-service, enterprise level Disaster Recovery as a Service, seamless and secure protection from on-premises to cloud and cloud to cloud, including cold or warm migration options.


With deep integration with leading automation tools such as vRealize Orchestrator from vmware and an open source Terraform. blocz Public cloud enables you to automate complex infrastructure-as-code and tile UI driven workflows to deploy X-as-a-Service, all while maintaining access control and visibility.

Cloud-Native Applications and Development

blocz Public Cloud natively supports Tanzu, K8s and PKS, providing an easy platform for developers to sandbox or deploy apps. Developers have access to hundreds of Marketplace secure and tested applications in a simple to consume catalogue, supporting any target endpoint with the inclusion of Helm charts.

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